• This is Gottsundabadet

    In Uppsala’s southern district, Gottsunda Centrum, is the pleasant Gottsundabadet. Here you can enjoy the swimming, gym and sauna. Fill with energy in the serving that offers easier consumption. We also have popular swimming schools and activities for all ages. For disabled guests, there is a lift for boarding and boarding in the pools. The bus links here are good and there is free parking outside if you prefer to take the car. Gottsundabadet has Uppsala’s longest water slide that is 55 meters long! Enjoy!

    Opening hours

    Gottsundabadet is open every day throughout the year. Se opening hours here.


    Phone: +4618-727 60 40
    Email: reception.gottsundabadet@uppsala.se
    Adress: Valthornsvägen 11, 756 50 Uppsala

    Public policy Gottsundabadet

    A person who causes damages to the premises, buildings or other visitors’ possessions may face liability.

    Gottsundabadet will not take responsibility for any items left on the premises.

    All forms of ball games are strictly forbidden in corridors and foyers.

    Skateboards, kickboards and bicycles are not to be used/brought indoors.

    Animals are not permitted indoors and/or in the outdoor pool area (with the exception for guide dogs).

    Consumption of alcohol brought into Gottsundabadet  by a private person is strictly forbidden.

    In case of breach of above mentioned rules and/or any other delinquencies, for example disturbance of Public order – employees at Gottsundabadet (or other staff allocated by Fyrishov such as security guards) have the right to evict visitors from the premises with immediate effect.

    Public guidelines for increased swim safety

    In addition, the following safety and sanitary instructions are enforced in the swimming pool area Children and youths, not accompanied by an adult, must have turned 12 years old, be able to swim and assimilate existing safety rules. Alternatively an adult (minimum 18 years of age), whom is a competent swimmer, must accompany and take the responsibility for the minor at all times. The accompanying adult must wear swim clothing and be ready to intervene when needed. Maximum 3 children under 12 years old per accompanying adult allowed.

    You visit the swimming pool at your own risk. Pay attention to others and to the different depths of the pool. Depths are marked on the edge of the swimming pool.

    All visitors to the swimming pool must pay the entrance fee. Registration of entrance ticket/card must always be made at the card reader at the entrance. All year – and period cards are personal. Visitors must be able to provide a valid identity card.

    It is strictly forbidden to photograph/film in all changing rooms. A special permit is required in all other swimming pool areas.

    Shower, without swim wear, and wash yourself with soap before you enter the swimming pool or sauna.

    Swim wear intended for use in the swimming pool must be worn by all visitors. This includes swim shorts, bikinis, swim suits or burkinis.

    Use of all kinds of underwear is strictly forbidden in the pool area.

    Respect the ’no shoes’ area. Take your shoes off and place them at the right side of the line. Putting your shoes in a locker is recommended.

    In accordance with fire safety, all prams are placed outside the changing rooms.

    Valuables may be locked in assigned safety boxes in the swimming pool area.

    Users of the relax and gym area must be a minimum of 16 years old.